Blackflower Patisserie, Haymarket


I blog to detail things that are of great interest to me but not worth the energy of com­mit­ting to hard memory. After all, a mil­lion things hap­pen every day and I’d tire myself out if I tried to com­mit my thoughts on desserts, tea, travel and oth­er beau­ti­ful things to hard memory. It’s an author-centred pur­pose, but it’s the only one I can com­mit myself to after hav­ing tried vari­ous approaches over the past dec­ade.

Fulfillment of my pur­pose, how­ever, requires that I write about things while they’re still fresh in my mind. So, you’ll under­stand when I say I can­not remem­ber enough of the nuances in the desserts that N and I had at Blackflower Patisserie on Lunar New Year to write about it prop­erly. I’ll have to write about it earli­er next time, but I’ll do what I can this time –


This was my cake, the Kiss Kiss – a chocol­ate mousse on sable bre­ton.


The chocol­ate mousse, which was fin­ished off with a mir­ror chocol­ate glaze and two shiny pea­nuts, encased a gen­er­ous dol­lop of pea­nut but­ter mousse. If I remem­ber noth­ing else about this cake cor­rectly, I know that I enjoyed this cake immensely. It was rich and not too sweet, which is just the way I like my chocol­ate cakes. The dec­or­a­tions added visu­al interest, but I didn’t like eat­ing them — the pea­nuts were raw and the chocol­ate not neces­sary.


This is N’s cake, the Sex Bomb — duri­an mousse on sable bre­ton.


The duri­an mousse, which was fin­ished off with a white chocol­ate mir­ror glaze and slice of coconut white chocol­ate, encased a slab of pandan jelly. You either like duri­an or you don’t, and I def­in­itely do not. People say that duri­an tastes okay if you can get past the smell. They lie! It tastes exactly as it smells, so you need to be able to stom­ach the smell to eat it! That said, N loves duri­an, so this dis­tinctly Asian dessert was right up her alley.

Blackflower Patisserie is loc­ated at 37 Ultimo Road, Haymarket NSW 2000.