New Zealand 2013/​14 — Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens, Kumeu

Fresh straw­ber­ries are deli­cious and I love eat­ing them, so there’s very little bet­ter than going to a straw­berry farm so I could choose and pick only the red­dest and most juicy straw­ber­ries myself. And I did just that at Kumeu while in New Zealand.


Endless rows of straw­berry plants filled the field.


You walk through the rows and move the leaves around to see if there’s a red straw­berry wait­ing for you.


There’s gen­er­ous space between each row, although chan­ging rows presents a chal­lenge for short­er legs as you need to leap over the beds.


A lot of the straw­ber­ries hadn’t ripened fully yet, so the col­our­ing on them were rather splotchy.


Others are green and gnarly…


Most of the ripe, red straw­ber­ries were actu­ally the cuter, smal­ler ones. But size didn’t mat­ter — they were super sweet!


You can eat the straw­ber­ries as you pick them, and the first kilo­gram is included in the admis­sion fee.


The shop con­nec­ted to the straw­berry farm sells gelato made with fresh straw­ber­ries from the field. Truly bright and refresh­ingly sweet.

Phil Greig Strawberry Farm is loc­ated at 464 SH 16, Kumeu 0892, New Zealand.