Healtheries Golden Kiwifruit Infusion

By all accounts, I am obsessed with tea. My go-to tea (that is, the one I drink all the time regard­less of the weath­er or my mood, etc) is a brown rice tea, but fruit teas are my favour­ite to col­lect, closely fol­lowed by fla­voured green teas.

Finding teas that I can’t buy in Sydney is one of my favour­ite things to do while trav­el­ing. London had an amaz­ing selec­tion of teas — I mean, how could it not, when the British love their teas? What I didn’t expect, how­ever, was that New Zealand would have a wide selec­tion of teas. I came home with 20+ boxes of tea (or 400+ tea bags), so I’ll be jot­ting down my impres­sions of them here for some time to come it seems!

I’ll begin with a quint­es­sen­tially New Zealand tea: Healtheries Golden Kiwifruit tea. Golden kiwifruit was first grown com­mer­cially in New Zealand. I was quite relieved when I found this tea in my haul after I got home, because on the day of our depar­ture I could not jus­ti­fy pur­chas­ing the only kiwifruit tea at the air­port that was 3 times the price for the same quant­ity and had honey in it. Honey in tea is a no.

This is my first straight kiwifruit tea. I’d pre­vi­ously only tried the straw­berry and kiwi fruit infu­sion from Whit­tard of Chelsea. Healtheries Golden Kiwifruit tea tastes sweeter and less astrin­gent than the infu­sion, which are qual­it­ies that I attrib­ute to the use of golden kiwifruit over ori­gin­al kiwifruit. The tea smells very sweet as well (almost too sweet), but its taste has the trop­ic­al, sweet and tangy over­tones you’d expect from golden kiwifruit. I’ve only had it hot, but I’m sure it’d taste even bet­ter chilled, mak­ing it the per­fect sum­mer tea.

This box of Healtheries Golden Kiwifruit Infusion con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in New Zealand and pur­chased in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014.