Georgie Pie, McDonald’s, Auckland

Every coun­try puts its own spin on McDonald’s. In Hong Kong, it’s the red bean pie (think apple pie but switch the apple out for red bean). In Japan, it’s the cro­quette bur­gers (think ham­burger but switch the meat patty out for a cro­quette). And I can­not remem­ber what the British did, but in New Zealand, it’s Georgie Pie.

Georgie Pie used to be a fast food chain in New Zealand until the late 1990s. But appar­ently, people loved the pies so much that McDonald’s star­ted selling them again in 2013. With that his­tory in mind, I was expect­ing a pie so good that it would blow my mind. I mean, how else do you get a pie that’s stopped selling for over a dec­ade back on sale?


The Georgie Pie was square, which was nov­el because I’ve only ever seen cir­cu­lar pies before. But unfor­tu­nately, the Georgie Pie did not blow my mind. It wasn’t a bad pie by any means; it’s just that it tasted just like the meat pies I eat in Australia. There was noth­ing spe­cial about it oth­er than it’s pecu­li­ar shape.


I’m not sure a square pie would be enough for me to join a cam­paign to bring it back after a dec­ade. So, the con­clu­sion? Either Australia does really good meat pies that I take for gran­ted, or the Georgie Pie I got was the excep­tion to its gen­er­al awe­some­ness.