Criniti’s, Castle Hill

At the end of 2013, I went to Criniti’s with some of D’s work col­leagues. Criniti’s is famed for selling pizza by half-metre, one-metre, and two-metre lengths. And between the 9 of us, we ended up with four metres of pizza. Yes, four metres. So many metres that we had an extra 3 tables added to our exist­ing 4, and that oth­er diners in the res­taur­ant asked if they could take a photo of our amaz­ing length of pizza.

We had eight fla­vours on the four metres. It’s been so long that I can’t remem­ber each of the eight fla­vours, but the stand outs for me were def­in­itely the mar­in­ara and the trop­icale.

  • Marinara is a sea­food pizza with mus­sels, cala­mari, clams, prawns, moz­arella, basil and gar­lic. It is def­in­itely a step up from the typ­ic­al sea­food pizza you nor­mally get with just prawns. The only down­side was that the mus­sels and clams were put on the pizza with their shells, so it made the pizza top­pings look far more gen­er­ous than they were actu­ally.
  • Tropicale sounds like your Hawaiian pizza with ham, pine­apple, oregano and moz­arella, but it tastes a mil­lion times bet­ter. It may be the oregano and the type of ham, I’m not sure, but whatever it was, it made it taste amaz­ing.

Others were impressed with the pista­chio, which con­sisted of grated pista­chio with pesto, moz­zarella, ricotta, rock­et, semi-dried toma­toes and pros­ciutto. The pista­chio was the first half-metre to be cleared off the pizza board, which speaks for its pop­ular­ity. I’m not too much of a fan of pros­ciutto, though — I find it too salty invari­ably.

Of course, it is ana­tom­ic­ally impossible eat four metres of pizza between 9 people, so we all had a box of leftover pizza to take home. That worked out well because we were leav­ing for New Zealand in two days and there was abso­lutely no food left in the house!

Criniti’s is loc­ated at Castle Towers, Shop 17, The Piazza,Castle Towers Old Northern Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154.