Pie Face, Circular Quay

When you’re in Wynyard, the closer you get to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Circular Quay, the less likely you’ll encounter food on the go. It makes sense because you’re get­ting closer to touristy places and hence the pro­lif­er­a­tion of (pricey) res­taur­ants. But there is a Pie Face.

Pie Face does pies, but they also do piz­zas now. Strange for a pie place, right? But that aside, I have a weak­ness for pizza. So last week, I tried their Pepperoni Pieza, which is a fold-over pizza with pep­p­er­oni salami, sliced toma­toes, rock­et, tomato sauce and cheese.

The top­pings were gen­er­ous, but def­in­itely not worth $7. $7 is the equi­val­ent of more than half Pizza Hut pizza that prob­ably tastes about the same, if not bet­ter.

Pie Face is loc­ated at 7/​1 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW 2000.