Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish is near Redfern train sta­tion and serves a fam­ous soft shell crab omelet. I wasn’t there for that, though. It was a very hot Thursday and I wanted some­thing small. So I had the bacon cheese­bur­ger.


The bacon cheese­bur­ger con­sisted of (from top to bot­tom): a toasted bun, a slice of bacon, a slice of tasty cheese, a meat patty, a bit of onion, and of course, a toasted bun. Its very dif­fer­ent from your stand­ard cheese­bur­ger from McDonald’s, but very tasty! The bun was toasted just enough so that the bread innards were still soft, the bacon and meat patty were juicy, and the small amount of onion was pass­able even for someone who’s not a fan of onion.

Milk Bar by Cafe Ish is loc­ated at 105 Regent Street, Redfern NSW 2016.