Summit Take Away, Lalor Park


It looks like a non­des­cript lump of bat­ter covered in icing sug­ar, but it’s really a deep-fried Mars bar. Deep-fried Mars bars, which ori­gin­ate from Scotland, aren’t that pop­u­lar in shops around Sydney. D, how­ever, had long known of a fish ‘n’ chip shop in Lalor Park that sold them.


A deep-fried Mars bar is a pock­et of gooey nou­gat, car­a­mel and chocol­ate. The eggy bat­ter makes it bet­ter than a Mars bar by redu­cing its sweet­ness. The intensely hot melty innards also stop you from eat­ing it in one bite light you would a nor­mal fun-size Mars bar, which keeps it from get­ting stuck in your teeth. So a deep-fried Mars bar wins all-round! Unless you eat too many and then it’s prob­ably bad for your health.

Summit Takeaway is loc­ated at 48 Freeman Street, Lalor Park NSW 2147.