Q San, Chippendale


Q San is a food stall that opened just recently at the new Central Park, selling ‘yakitori on the go’. The food they sell isn’t strictly yakitori (grilled skewered chick­en), but more kushiyaki (skewered food). According to a col­league, ‘yakitori on the go’ is a very big thing in Malaysia, and Q san is remin­is­cent of the pop­ular­ity of yakitori in Malaysia.


I had the kar­age obento, which con­sisted of 8 pieces of deep-fried chick­en on a skew­er with was­abi may­on­naise on a bed of lettuce, and a side of rice drizzled with sweet soy sauce, and gar­nished with dry sea­weed and pickled ginger. The chick­en was very juicy, and the chicken:batter ratio was just right! The was­abi may­on­naise was the best of both worlds: a less sour may­on­naise and a less hot was­abi, and some­how the two togeth­er just worked per­fectly on kar­age. The rice was much like Japanese rice that I like — the soy sauce added a sweet­ness and the sea­weed added tex­ture to it. I don’t eat pickled ginger though.

The ser­vice was very friendly and attent­ive without being over­bear­ing. That qual­ity is some­thing I asso­ci­ate with Japanese people, but I’m not cer­tain that QSAN is run by Japanese people.

Q san is loc­ated at Central Park, Level 2 Shop K208, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.