Max Brenner, Kensington

I met up with C a couple of weeks ago for a catch up at Max Brenner just before either of us had fin­ished our degrees for good. I can­not res­ist things made with pas­sion­fruit, so when I saw the Pink Granita, which is a pas­sion­fruit and straw­berry icy drink,  I couldn’t res­ist. Nevermind that it was a par­tic­u­larly cold and rainy November’s day — I could put a scarf on!

Of course, there was a flaw to the scarf solu­tion for my icy drink on a cold day prob­lem. Scarves only help you retain the heat your body gen­er­ates, so it doesn’t really help when I’m inten­tion­ally coun­ter­ing the heat gen­er­ated by eat­ing some­thing icy. Anyway, my freez­ing self aside, the Pink Granita was deli­cious — it tasted like fresh straw­ber­ries with a hint of pas­sion­fruit tang.

I was at Max Brenner again late last week with col­leagues and this time, I had the Danish Toffee Hot Chocolate, which was a hot chocol­ate with vel­vety hints of toffee/​caramel. So, a hot chocol­ate but bet­ter.

Max Brenner is loc­ated at Gate 2, University Terraces, High St, UNSW Campus, Kensington NSW 2033.