Coco Cubano, Kensington

It turns out there’s an upside to UNSW repla­cing all the inde­pend­ent food shops selling bad food with chain res­taur­ants selling res­taur­ant food. It means we can catch up over lunch or cof­fee at a cozy place selling tasty food without head­ing out of the cam­pus. The price increase isn’t that sig­ni­fic­ant either because the inde­pend­ent food shops had a mono­poly over food on cam­pus, so could charge whatever they wanted.

Anyway, last Monday, I had lunch at Coco Cubano with my thes­is super­visor. Coco Cubano is a cafe/​bar whose atmo­sphere and menu are inspired by Cuban cul­ture. All items on its stand­ard menu, includ­ing the fancy cock­tails but exclud­ing the cigars, are avail­able at the UNSW loc­a­tion.


Coco Cubano uses old cigar boxes as table num­bers, which I found very nov­el.


They serve break­fast all day and night. That’s great ’cause some­times I just want some­thing simple for lunch.

I had the Cubano Poached Eggs, which con­sisted of ‘free range poached eggs with aioli, baby spin­ach, grilled tomato and sour­dough toast’. The eggs were deli­ciously runny and the tomato was grilled only just enough so that it wasn’t squishy. I dis­tinctly recall tast­ing some­thing like cheese in my last bite with the aioli and that was strange, but the aioli was pretty stand­ard oth­er­wise. I par­tic­u­larly liked that the sour­dough toast retained its crispy out­side-fluffy inside tex­ture even though it had soaked up a lot of the egg yolk and the aioli.

I also had the Mango and Lychee Iced Tea out of curi­os­ity because D had intro­duced me to exist­ence of fancy Monin syr­ups just a few days before, and Coco Cubano had an impress­ive col­lec­tion of them sit­ting behind the counter. Unfortunately, the iced tea was a bit too sweet, and the fla­vour of mango over­whelmed any hint of lychee. That’s con­sist­ent with reviews that Monin’s lychee syr­up is not that fla­vour­ful, I guess.

Coco Cubano is loc­ated at Gate 2, University Terraces, High St, UNSW Campus, Kensington NSW 2033.