Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney

When I met up with C mid-last week, we decided to head to the fringes of the city near Surry Hills. Why? We were after Cafe Cre Asion, which is a small cafe that is situ­ated down a some­what deser­ted lane­way. But that isn’t much cause for con­cern — there was a con­stant flow of cus­tom­ers (and often a queue!) for the 1.5 hours we were there.

Cafe Cre Asion has one of the biggest selec­tion of macar­on fla­vours I’ve encountered. The size of their selec­tion is rivaled only by Laduree stores that I vis­ited in London. In terms of cre­ativ­ity, how­ever, Cafe Cre Asion trumps Laduree. So, for a macar­on-skep­tic, even I was impressed and excited by the enorm­ous selec­tion of macar­on fla­vours. They had your stand­ard chocol­ate, salted car­a­mel, vanilla etc macar­ons that you find in Western patis­ser­ies, but they also had some Asian inspired fla­vours like yuzu, jas­mine, hoji tea, green tea.


I had the bam­boo char­coal and lychee and rasp­berry macar­ons. The bam­boo char­coal macar­on (left) tasted a lot like black ses­ame and even has the same grainy tex­ture. I’ve nev­er had any­thing bam­boo char­coal fla­voured before, but I’ve heard that it doesn’t add much to the taste of a food. There was some­thing else apart from the black ses­ame that I tasted, but I can’t put my fin­ger on it.

The lychee and rasp­berry macar­on (right) tasted like a sweet macar­on. I couldn’t catch any hint of lychee or rasp­berry in the filling at all, but there was a cube of rasp­berry jelly in the middle of the filling that tasted iden­ti­fi­ably rasp­berry.


C had a green tea cap­puccino and I had a mocha.

A green tea cap­puccino is some­thing I’ve had an aver­sion to. Not because I know it tasted bad, but because the idea of adding milk to green tea is strange (even tho people do that to cof­fee and black tea all the time). C, how­ever, told me that it’s an acquired taste and offered me a sip. A green tea cap­puccino smells and tastes like a green tea kit kat. Only liquid, which is the unset­tling part. I don’t mind green tea kit kat but it has the tex­ture of chocol­ate and bis­cuit, which counter the weird­ness. Also, the green tea cap­puccino came in a bowl, rather than a cup with a handle, which I found very amus­ing and nov­el.

My mocha was a tad dis­ap­point­ing, though — it had sour notes, which I know from D’s extens­ive for­ay into everything cof­fee means that the cof­fee grinds were too coarse or over extrac­ted.

Overall though, the staff were friendly and accom­mod­at­ing (as seems to be the case with Japanese people) and the atmo­sphere was very con­du­cive to long over­due catch ups with friends.

Cafe Cre Asion is loc­ated at 21 Alberta Street, Sydney NSW 2000.