Yummba, Kensington

Rumour had it that Yummba at UNSW Village made ‘amaz­ing falafel’. I’d heard this from quite a few people, but I was skep­tic­al. Why? Because falafel is just a patty of ground chick­peas. I’ve had falafel a hand­ful times at authen­t­ic Lebanese res­taur­ants and each time I’d thought it was dry as paper and com­pletely taste­less — it added tex­ture to whatever dip I was eat­ing it with, but its pur­pose stopped there. Yummba’s only been open a couple of months and I’m rarely on cam­pus, so I’ve nev­er had a chance to try it out. On one of my last days of uni­ver­sity classes for my degrees(!), I checked out this ‘amaz­ing falafel’ for myself.


I got the Yummba Nuggets which was 12 falafel and my choice of two dips.


My two dips were hum­mus (left) and baba ghan­oush (right).


So were the rumours true? Yes! These falafel were the best falafel I’ve ever had. They weren’t dry at all and had a golden crunchy taste even without any dip.


I would, how­ever, add a qual­i­fic­a­tion to the rumour though: these are amaz­ing falafels for what falafel are as a food, that is, a patty of ground chick­peas. I would go here to eat falafel if I were ever crav­ing falafel cer­tainly, but these falafel aren’t so amaz­ing that they fea­ture on my amaz­ing foods radar.

Yummba is loc­ated at Gate 2, University Terraces, High St, UNSW Campus, Kensington NSW 2033.