Princess Coco, Sydney


Last post, I men­tioned that N and I were on a quest to find pretty cakes to eat before we got side-tracked. We did end up find­ing cakes pretty enough to tickle our fancy at Princess Coco. The interi­or of Princess Coco is very lux­uri­ous and prin­cess-esque with purple cush­ioned, gold-framed wooden couches, seats and stools, and marble-like table tops.


N had the earl grey hot chocol­ate.


The pas­sion­fruit tart ranks amongst that from Croissant D’Or Bakery, which is the best pas­sion­fruit tart I’ve had.


I was expect­ing a slice from a lar­ger, round tart, but no, it was a self-con­tained tart made to look like it came from a big­ger tart! And the pas­sion­fruit was per­fect parts tangy and sweet. The most delight­ful thing though, was the dried lychee on top. First, I’ve nev­er con­sidered lychee and pas­sion­fruit as a pair­ing. Second, dried lychee! How nov­el! It was crunchy like a rice husk but with mel­low fla­vours of lychee.

A couple of weeks later, C, N, and I met up for a long-over­due catch­up at Princess Coco because C had gift vouch­ers that were about to expire, and it’d have been such a waste not to exchange it for some pretty cake!


C had the the pas­sion­fruit tart, while N had the Raspberry Delice (above), a flour­less chocol­ate sponge, rasp­berry ganache and com­pote, with Valrhona mousse and almond streusel base. This is a cake that’s def­in­itely not for the faint at heart — it’s very rich, but I love rich chocol­ate cakes! The tart­ness of the rasp­berry ganache stops the rich­ness of the chocol­ate from over­whelm­ing.


I had the Petit Fours, which are great for cake lov­ers like me because they give you lots of vari­ety in super cute mini­ature form. I enjoyed the rasp­berry mousse (left) immensely and prob­ably the most out of the four. Its light­ness and sweet-tangi­ness was very refresh­ing for a hot after­noon. The berry and vanilla cus­tard tart (right), I liked for the cus­tard and the ber­ries, but wasn’t so sure about the ran­dom piece of orange flesh. The tart base was also a bit soft (not crisp like the tart base for the pas­sion­fruit tart I had there), which made me think the cus­tard tart was a bit old. It still tasted fine, though!


The chocol­ate brownie (left) did not taste like a chocol­ate brownie to me — I couldn’t taste the chocol­ate at all, but it did resemble some­thing like a denser/​drier sticky date pud­ding with wal­nuts. It wasn’t the best of the petit fours, but that wasn’t helped by my con­fu­sion over why a chocol­ate brownie didn’t taste like one. And finally, the choux creme (right). I saved this until last because it looked most simple. By now, though, I’d had enough of the whipped cream that they used to dec­or­ate the rasp­berry mousse and chocol­ate brownie. The 50:50 whipped cream:choux ratio was a bit much. I prefer cus­tard over whipped cream too. The choux was softer than I expec­ted, which also made me think it was a bit old.

Princess Coco is loc­ated at Shop 124, 158 – 166 Day Street, Sydney NSW 2000.