Canberra 2013 — Day 2

I’m head­ing into the cra­zi­est week of the uni­ver­sity semester, but here are some more pho­tos from my two day trip to Canberra.

This is the view across Lake Burley Griffin, which is an arti­fi­cial lake in the centre of Canberra. It’s named after the archi­tect who designed Canberra. The build­ing in the pic­ture is the National Carillon (which is a huge music­al instru­ment made of bells, appar­ently).

Trees with beau­ti­ful pale green leaves that shed fluffy cot­ton-like particles are found around a lot of Canberra. I have no idea what the spe­cies is, but it adds to the green­ness that char­ac­ter­ises the city.

We stop by the National Art Gallery to view their col­lec­tion.

There’s a sculp­ture of pears sit­ting out­side.

And some Pantone chairs avail­able in their gift store.

The drive back shows us some beau­ti­ful scenery of rolling clouds and hills and wind farms.

And this is the view from the McDonald’s at Golbourn on our way back. Lots of open fields. There was a giant Merino sheep here too.