The Sweet Spot, Randwick

Life’s been super busy lately, so my sense of time has blurred everything togeth­er. A couple of weeks ago, though, N and I went to The Sweet Spot in Randwick. It was a 33 degree day and right before my class, so cake in an air-con­di­tioned patis­ser­ie was rather dec­ad­ent. C had showed me pho­tos of cakes at The Sweet Shop pre­vi­ously and N and I were cap­tured by their pret­ti­ness


This is the Caprioska (a short­bread bis­cuit base topped with a globe of lime and lem­on mousse, lychee and vanilla sponge with a rasp­berry macar­on on top and rasp­berry gel). I’ve nev­er had a caprioska before, but if it tastes any­thing like this cake, I won’t be ter­ribly impressed. This cake lived up to our expect­a­tions of pretty cakes most cer­tainly (we were suit­ably impressed with pretty much all the cakes on dis­play), but we were dis­ap­poin­ted that it tasted hardly like its descrip­tion. We couldn’t taste the lime or lem­on in the mousse or the lychee in the sponge. The mousse tasted sweet without any defin­ing fla­vour. But we could taste the rasp­berry gel, which was an intense rasp­berry without the excess­ive sweeet­ness of rasp­berry jam/​conserve.


This is the Raspberry Mousse (rasp­berry mousse with whole rasp­ber­ries, encased in a dec­or­at­ive almond sponge, and topped with mixed ber­ries). This appear­ance of this cake wasn’t as fant­ast­ic as the Caprioska, but it appealed to our taste buds a lot more! The mousse tasted like rasp­berry dis­tinct­ively and the whole rasp­ber­ries inter­spersed added tex­ture. The sponge was a tad dry, but over­all, it was a good cake.

The Sweet Spot is loc­ated at 1/​18 Perouse Road, Randwick NSW 2031.