Din Tai Fung, Sydney


People have raved about the amaz­ing xiao­long­bao, cus­tard buns (or their ‘golden lava’ buns), and mango pan­cakes at Din Tai Fung. Today, N and I happened to be around the area before lunch hour, so avoided the abso­lutely crazy lunch hour queues. We were actu­ally walk­ing around try­ing to find a place with pretty cakes, but fail­ing. We settled on Din Tai Fung for morn­ing tea/​breakfast as a break from our quest. We both had high expect­a­tions.


The golden lava buns were dif­fer­ent from the cus­tard buns that I’m used to — soft bun, gooey innards — so I was quite sur­prised by a stiff bun and runny cus­tard.


Are they some­thing to rave about? Probably not. I prob­ably wouldn’t buy them again, but I wouldn’t say no every time I’m offered one.


Then there were the drinks! Peach sun­rise (left) was an intensely (but pleas­antly) peachy blen­ded ice. Lychee and mint (right) was prob­ably the most unpal­at­able drink I have ever had: it tasted potently green, which over­whelmed any hint of lychee. N loved it though. What’s more inter­est­ing is that the pic­ture on the top of the cups resembles a lady when viewed right side up, and a baby when viewed up side down. I won­der if that was inten­tion­al?

Din Tai Fung is loc­ated at Westfield Sydney, Level 5 Shop 504/​5188 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.