Port Macquarie

In early July, I spent a fort­night in Kempsey up on the mid-north coast of New South Wales where D was doing his rur­al rota­tion for med­ic­al school. Living in a rur­al town was a pleas­ant escape from the hustle and bustle of urb­an Sydney. Only for a short while, though — I’m a city girl at heart.


On the drive back to Sydney, we stopped by Port Macquarie — one hour’s drive south of Kempsey — to soak in the beau­ti­ful weather –


The air is beau­ti­fully crisp…


And the water is pristine.


A bunch of shops are a short walk from the water, includ­ing a major hotel.


And some pel­ic­ans are mulling about a bar­be­cue hop­ing for some scraps.